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Burlingame Criterium 2010-06-27 45+, 55+, 65+ combined

June 29th, 2010

Really well run event…over 700 kids took part in a “race” around the course…had the older 3 in there.

My race (Masters 45+) was a generally reasonable multi-corner affair…fast steady pace from the gun…greasy off-camber corners, barricades, lots of people, etc.

Was doing fine until…I saw this guy almost take out a guy as he tried to get from the middle of the pack to the outside without looking around. A few laps later, I was “that guy” when he did the same thing…or so I am told by many who were behind me…I ended up laying on the side walk (this was a straight part of the course!) somehow missing a fire hydrant and then a parking meter. “Lucky” I suppose to have escaped with only road rash…part of this sport that I’ll really wasn’t missing after all these years!

Anyway, don’t know what the ref did after I and many others told him of the guy’s dangerous riding. He is an extremely strong guy…road away from the field at Pacific Grove. He was listed next to last in the field on the USA Cycling results page…so not sure what happened.

After the race he completely denied everything…wow! Anyway, might be someone to beware of…kinda of a loose (and big) cannon.

Bike is OK I think…need some new tape, shorts, jersey, and my left speedplay pedal has a bit more corner clearance now.

By the way, in a pinch, a disposable diaper with the elastic and velcro cut off coated with neosporin works well for a while as a large road rash bandage.

I’ll be back.

Take care,

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