Boca-Stampede Reservoirs

August 4th, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

This is one of the best “training rides” in the Truckee area, and the course for the Reno Wheelmen’s Twi-Light Series of races every month or so. Continually rolling, with some perfect-length hills to practice getting your “pop” dialed in. Begin near the Boca Dam parking area, and ride north to the end of the Boca-Stampede road. On the way back, turn right partway down the Stampede Hill and continue to the end of the Stampede Road to the end of that road (or even farther, to the boat launch) if you want the longer version of the ride. Return to the main road, turn right, continue down the hill, and then back to the beginning. A great ride, except watch out for boat trailers certain times of the year!


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